Volunteer Abroad Projects in Fiji

The islands of Fiji are known for the stunning beauty as well their diverse marine life. It is a tropical paradise. You can undertake various volunteer Fiji opportunities which involve conservation of the vast biodiversity as well as various social programs in the country. There are many kinds of people who go to Fiji on volunteer abroad programs including GAP year student volunteers, travelers and even corporate groups. When planning your volunteer Fiji stints, it is important to sign up on the programs that will address the needs in Fiji and which will be a great match for your skills and passion.

volunteer Fiji

Although Fiji is a fairly well-developed country, it is still bedeviled by various social problems. In some areas of the country, there is a chronic lack of investments and underemployment. Tourism forms a large part of the economy of the country but the wealth generated does not always trickle down to the poor communities living in the country. More than a quarter of a million of the population of the country live in poverty and the rest are just getting by. This forms a perfect storm for all kinds of social problems. The country also faces certain conservation challenges and these are areas where volunteers can make a great impact.

There are three main kinds of volunteering abroad programs that you can choose in Fiji. These include the following:

·         Home Stay Placements

·         Standard Placements

·         Specialty Placements

The home stay placements include volunteer programs in places such as diabetes and nutritional centres, orphanages, animal orphanages, First Aid and disaster management, taking volunteer work in the special needs schools as well as volunteering on teaching programs in the country. With standard placements, you can take up work in places such as organic farm in Fiji, volunteering in a kindergarten, renovation as well as construction work as well as English and sports teaching. The specialty volunteer programs marine conservation, turtle conservation work amongst others.

Most of the volunteer Fiji programs are based in places such as Nadi, Lautoka and Suva. Volunteers can work in the working less areas of the country where social problems are prevalent.  If you wish to have some real side of experiences in Fiji, you can also choose the remote island villages of the country. The coastal town of Levuka is known for its specialty placement programs in Ovalau which is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

The best way to volunteer in Fiji is by signing up with a reputable volunteer placement programs such as the Involvement Volunteers International or IVI which offers various packages for volunteers including accommodation and meals. International volunteer placement programs also have on-the-ground support teams which will assist you 24/7 to help you make the most of the volunteer program. They offer you guidance and give you assistance with all that you need for the duration of the volunteering. A volunteer program such as IVI not only offers great opportunities in Fiji but also assists those interested in volunteering in Bali, India, Nepal amongst many other great destinations so volunteers have diverse choices of places they can work in. These volunteer programs even come with an orientation phase where the volunteer is familiarized with the location and the work that they will be undertaking. It is a more effective and impactful way to volunteer than simply going solo.

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