Time is Exciting with Men’s Wooden Watch

There was a time when wood in your house meant it would be furniture. It’s a revolution now that wood has reached inside your wardrobe. How about you wearing a slice of wood art? Yes, it’s about mens wooden watch created with flexible wood. You have many choices such as Americano, Cork, Ebony, Emboya and Tiger rose. A designer, Lorenzo, made the world’s first soft wooden watch strap. It all started as an art school project in 2012.

Fashion and Need

The changing trends in fashion demand uniqueness and style statement. Mens wooden watch indeed has been one of the greatest style statements in this millennium. It is not only a benchmark for luxury, but it is all-natural. This is a perfect replacement for animal lovers who do not appreciate leather wrist straps.

Mens wooden watch is a timepiece modelled after modern lifestyle. It is value sustainable and efficient. It is a perfect fusion of organic style and high tech motif.

History of Wooden Watch

You would have seen jewellery made of wood have been around with us for several thousands of years. It became popular in the 1930s. With the onset of use of plastic, the use of wood had diminished. However, today people have realised that wood is the solution for blend of sustainability and style. Then wooden watch originated. It’s a surprise for many.

More about it

Some of the companies use recycled as well as sustainable materials to create this sumptuous watch. They eliminate any environmental harm and restore resources with each of the products. Such companies create best wood watches with a resilient obligation to environmental responsibility.

Wood is not used for the movement as it is very difficult to create precise and consistent movement when it is known that no two wooden pieces are the same. But, of course, wood is used in the straps, cases and also for the faces of the watches.

A wooden watch is very light in weight, an ideal piece for those who do not appreciate thick and intense watches on the wrists. Every wooden watch is distinct as no two wooden pieces are alike. So it highlights the eccentricity of its wearer. When the wooden piece grows older, the watches become more attractive in their appearance. This is not in the case of any other material. See more at WeWOOD

Types of new wooden watches

Handmade Wooden Watches: Companies producing hand-made watches do not produce in bulk. This is because it takes tremendous effort to create each watch as each one is unique.

Automatic Wooden Watches: Some companies offer attractive automatic watches that are made of 100% natural wood. To talk about its mechanism, such a watch is motorised by an internal dynamo that is twisted automatically. This results in natural motion of the wearer’s arm.

Waterproof Wooden Watch: One of the companies introduced waterproof wooden watch that is competent of enduring up to 100 metres of depth. This has been a remarkable product.

So, the entry of wooden watches in the fashion world has set the parameter of innovation quite high.

For more information on newest wood watches, simply log on to the Internet.

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