The Importance of Having a Local Strategy for Your St. Paul, MN Business

Looking for great rankings in the Twin Cities? Businesses that invest in good quality SEO St Paul MN strategies can build great relevance and credibility and improve their rankings in the organic search results. It is pointless for small businesses to compete with the giants in the more general search marketing terms targeting global or even nationwide markets. Small businesses tend to have a local market focus and for these businesses, it is very easy to zone in and rank at the top of the local search engine results pages.

SEO St Paul MN

Small businesses are almost entirely reliant on local customers. Such businesses can see great benefits from SEO St Paul MN services. When implemented expertly, St Paul search engine optimization can be free advertising for small businesses that cannot afford to throw money into costly SEM campaigns. Apart from the “free advertising” aspect, good SEO is also the best tool to build credibility as well as professional reputation online. When customers are used to seeing you at the top every time they search for certain products and services, they will begin associating that product with your company and this creates great loyalty and even, in some cases, brand synchronicity.

There are many benefits that businesses can derive by investing in local SEO St Paul Minnesota services. These include the following:

Localizing Your SEO to Target the Minneapolis Market

As discussed above, small businesses will reap greater rewards by localizing their marketing efforts and targeting a smaller geographical area as opposed to a vaster nationwide, statewide or global market. Failing to localize your SEO will get you pitiful rankings. The larger companies in your niche have millions of dollars in advertising budgets and your company is probably struggling to hit $100,000 in sales per year. Attempting to out-compete the larger players in the bigger markets is basically a fool’s errand. Focusing on the smaller local market will get you a smaller but easy to dominate market where you will easily be number 1 with a little effort.

Get Higher Traffic

Localizing your SEO by targeting a local community will help your business to quickly build exposure amongst people who are most likely to buy your products and services. Professional local SEO means that you will be competing with fewer businesses for the top rankings and you, thus, have a better chance of attaining the top rankings. This will give you increased traffic and increased opportunity for web conversions.

Low Cost

Search engine optimization is generally the lowest cost marketing option available for most businesses.  In marketing channels such as PPC or SEM, there is a high cost per click or per conversion. Additionally, advertisers have no way of regulating the quality of clicks when it comes to SEM. SEO, on the other hand, affords you the opportunity to directly and accurately target people in the Twin Cities who are actively seeking your products based on the keywords they use. While the size of the market is diminished when it comes to local SEO, this more than compensates for it through highly qualified leads that have a high likelihood of converting.

Better Usability

Part of a good SEO St Paul MN strategy is having a website that is usable. The search professionals will integrate easy and quick searches as well as navigation. The website will be optimized for search engines not just in the content but in the structure and this improves the user experience.

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