Preparation is Key to Paving Lasting Asphalt Driveways

The type of driveway to install in new homes or after home renovations is a decision that many homeowners typically grapple with. Most people are generally torn between the choice of concrete driveways. Asphalt generally offers a superior paving material although it is still susceptible to cracks, weather and even ground conditions. It is a petroleum-based paving solution and it, therefore, offers most pavers a great deal of flexibility and superior performance. It is also a more cost-effective paving solution for most homeowners.

Preparation is Key to Good Driveways

Whatever material you are planning to use for your driveways, preparation is generally key to success. There are plenty of considerations that should be put in place in order to ensure that you end up with bitumen driveways which are properly engineered.

Requirements for Good Quality Driveway Asphalting Melbourne Surfaces

Some of the requirements which are key to realizing great quality driveways include the following:

·         Having a top quality road base as well as paving materials

·         The work must be undertaken when the weather conditions are ideal

·         The asphalt paving services Melbourne contractors must have well maintained paving and grading equipment for the work.

·         There is the need for an experienced, skilled, knowledgeable and professional excavation contractors that is capable of carrying out top quality grading and paving work.

Preparation of the sub-grade soil

The kind of the sub-grade soil upon which the bitumen driveways will be laid out will play a very important role in ensuring you have very good quality driveways.  Soils are not the same. Different kinds of soils have different expansion as well as contraction properties. Some soils such as which have shale or clay content in them are unstable. These will eventually buckle or shift under heavy load on the bitumen driveways or in certain weather conditions.

A professional excavation contractor will get rid of the unsuitable soils from the sub-grade and then replace it with most suitable soils. An unprofessional contractor will attempt to cut costs and skip that important step. When planning new constructions, the roots as well as vegetations must be gotten rid of before new material is added. The sub-grade must also be compacted in order to ensure the stability of the surface.

Road base and the drainage

Some road bases are generally constructed in areas with poor drainage. These should be reinforced for improved stability by integrating a geo-tech fabric which is put between the road base and the sub -base. Proper surface drainage is ensured through a properly graded road bed that is built with a crown and a centre that is a bit higher and sloping towards the edges.

Weather Considerations

Weather also plays an important role when it comes to the construction of the bitumen driveways. Paving should not be carried during the heavy seasons and temperatures should be at least 45F.

Get the Best Contractor for the Job

Whether you are planning to pave your driveways or asphalt carparks, it is advisable to get the best contractors capable of doing a great job. Look at the experience, expertise, pricing and project portfolio in order to pick the most suitable candidate for the job. For more information, just visit us at Asphalt Melbourne

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