Confronting the Indomitable Enemy of the House – Termites

It is easy to prepare a strategy to fight the enemy when you can see it, but not so when it is invisible, especially when it comes to the house you live in. Yes, it is all about termites, the worst enemies. Termites eat their way through the walls, destroy the valuable property and ruin the owner. Take a case in Buderim in Queensland, Sunshine Coast, where in the course of two years, termites damaged a house worth $130,000, a record. Therefore, termite inspections have become popular in the recent past. Also, in case you are looking forward to buying a house in Sydney, and need help with this, all you need to do is find an agency that conducts termite inspections in Sydney and know about the condition of the house you are about to buy. Read on to know more…

The Termite’s Story

Termites can invade and colonise any part of earth except Antarctica. Their colony size can range from a few hundreds to a gigantic society with millions of individuals. These initially were classified in a separate order from cockroach. However, recent studies suggested that they evolved from a close ancestor or cockroaches. The queen of the colony is at the centre who may have a life span of 50 years. The worker class termites are responsible to undertake maximum labour within the colony, and also being responsible for forage, food storage as well as brood and nest maintenance. The termites pass through an incomplete metamorphosis proceeding through stages – egg, nymph and adult stage. Colonies are known as super organisms as they form a part of a self-regulating entity.

Termites are used as diet by some people and used in traditional medicine. These pests can damage building right from the foundation and reach the top, crops, plantation, forests. A typical West-Indian drywood termite (Cryptoterms – brevis) is considered as an invasive species.

Termite – Invincible Enemy

Termite inspections in Sydney have become prominent because they act as invincible enemies. Also, it is always too late by the time you notice their presence and realise you had a problem of pests. They eat wood from inside while the surface of the same looks normal, smooth until the porch collapses. Of course, they work slowly. However, their habits remain concealed that often result in their presence that is being undetected until the time the timbers are extensively damaged. Termites such as Dampwood termites attack only lumber material that is exposed to either rainfall or soil.

One needs to have the house evaluated annually with a few tips from any renowned Sydney based company with several years of experience in termite inspection, their control, pest inspection and so on. They claim that they use safe, environmentally friendly and pet friendly solutions for pest control, be it residential or domestic.

The virtues that such companies specialising in termite inspections in Sydney must possess:

·        They must be honest service providers, experienced and their technicians must have experience in conducting pest control, and hold a certified license while being affordable and reliable.

·        They must use advanced and latest technology and inspection tools. They must not charge for termite inspection tools, and for termite inspection. Thermal imaging or Termatrack must be used.

·        Exterminators must use disposable, medical jump suits. They should also use plastic boots while on the job.

·        They should provide a free inspection for pest.

You can confront the indomitable enemy of your house with the help of such specialists.

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