Linear Shower Drains for Your Bathroom Redesign

You know the numerous challenges you face on a daily basis when using an old bathroom. Your bathroom may have a bathtub but you wish to experience the joy of using a shower. Moreover, in older homes where there are many plumbing issues, the homeowners may decide to redesign the bathroom. One of the latest trends in the remodeling of bathrooms is the wet room showers. A linear drains shower creates wet room showers, and along with that, you can get the designs you desire. Some people refer to linear drains as channel drains or trench drains.

A linear shower drain works on simple design principles and utilizes a long rectangular pipe. The linear drains for showers are usually inside a trench that runs the length of the pipe and is located below the floor level. The metal spacers and waterproof flange ensure that the trench drains swill out with the finished point of the shower’s floor.

Advantages of Linear Shower Drains

  • They cost less – Many people find this surprising. This type of drains has lower costs since it is easy to create a single slope and also because the installation takes less time.
  • Larger Possibilities – The linear drain shower does not need edges around the shower pan to lead the water to the floor drain. This characteristic makes it a no threshold shower that is beautiful to use as well as entirely suitable for designing an ADA accessible shower too. For example, you can place these types of drains at the shower doorway and hence your glass shower doors with no porch can lengthen all the way to the floor for a sleek look. You may also prefer not to put shower doors by ensuring the drains are well placed in the linear drains shower, and the water remains in the shower area.
  • Flexibility – You can customize the shape, color and model of the trench drain system so that it matches the general bathroom design. Other design alternatives that come when putting in place of a linear drains shower include the tile size you opt to use in the shower area. Whereas traditional round shower drains can only use small tiles, the linear drains shower system gives you the leeway to use larger tiles, thereby giving you some flexibility in your bathroom remodel.

How to Choose a Linear Drains System that Fits Perfectly

  • Select a shower drain that has built in height adjustments so that you won’t have to undergo the hassle of buying them separately.
  • Always note the specifications of the product and pick the product with factory waterproofing, that is vital for linear drains shower systems to prevent leaks that induce mold.

One easy way that you can use a channel drain system is to position the shower trough drain on a side and form a small shower plate inclination to evacuate the water. There are other complicated designs that experts use. Whichever model you pick, ensure that the trench shower drain is of high quality as this saves you a lot of troubles. Constantly bear in mind that a proper drain system can last you a lifetime.

Confronting the Indomitable Enemy of the House – Termites

It is easy to prepare a strategy to fight the enemy when you can see it, but not so when it is invisible, especially when it comes to the house you live in. Yes, it is all about termites, the worst enemies. Termites eat their way through the walls, destroy the valuable property and ruin the owner. Take a case in Buderim in Queensland, Sunshine Coast, where in the course of two years, termites damaged a house worth $130,000, a record. Therefore, termite inspections have become popular in the recent past. Also, in case you are looking forward to buying a house in Sydney, and need help with this, all you need to do is find an agency that conducts termite inspections in Sydney and know about the condition of the house you are about to buy. Read on to know more…

The Termite’s Story

Termites can invade and colonise any part of earth except Antarctica. Their colony size can range from a few hundreds to a gigantic society with millions of individuals. These initially were classified in a separate order from cockroach. However, recent studies suggested that they evolved from a close ancestor or cockroaches. The queen of the colony is at the centre who may have a life span of 50 years. The worker class termites are responsible to undertake maximum labour within the colony, and also being responsible for forage, food storage as well as brood and nest maintenance. The termites pass through an incomplete metamorphosis proceeding through stages – egg, nymph and adult stage. Colonies are known as super organisms as they form a part of a self-regulating entity.

Termites are used as diet by some people and used in traditional medicine. These pests can damage building right from the foundation and reach the top, crops, plantation, forests. A typical West-Indian drywood termite (Cryptoterms – brevis) is considered as an invasive species.

Termite – Invincible Enemy

Termite inspections in Sydney have become prominent because they act as invincible enemies. Also, it is always too late by the time you notice their presence and realise you had a problem of pests. They eat wood from inside while the surface of the same looks normal, smooth until the porch collapses. Of course, they work slowly. However, their habits remain concealed that often result in their presence that is being undetected until the time the timbers are extensively damaged. Termites such as Dampwood termites attack only lumber material that is exposed to either rainfall or soil.

One needs to have the house evaluated annually with a few tips from any renowned Sydney based company with several years of experience in termite inspection, their control, pest inspection and so on. They claim that they use safe, environmentally friendly and pet friendly solutions for pest control, be it residential or domestic.

The virtues that such companies specialising in termite inspections in Sydney must possess:

·        They must be honest service providers, experienced and their technicians must have experience in conducting pest control, and hold a certified license while being affordable and reliable.

·        They must use advanced and latest technology and inspection tools. They must not charge for termite inspection tools, and for termite inspection. Thermal imaging or Termatrack must be used.

·        Exterminators must use disposable, medical jump suits. They should also use plastic boots while on the job.

·        They should provide a free inspection for pest.

You can confront the indomitable enemy of your house with the help of such specialists.

Build Around your Lifestyle with the Help of House Builders and Designers

“A room is a still a room, even when there’s nothing there but gloom. But a room is not a house and a house is not a home.” This is an excerpt of the lyrics of Luther Vandross’s song entitled A House Is Not A Home. This much is true both metaphorically and literally, since a house can only serve its purpose once it is functional to every one living in it. Owning a home that is built just for you is something you have dreamed of for the longest time. Getting a house of your own symbolizes your stability in life. With regards to home designs, having plenty of counter space, some perfectly organized closets, and an open concept common area is one of the ideas that are most sought for. But often times, building the home of your dreams might seem more like a nightmare, mostly a financial one. And this is the part where a reliable professional on home building and home designs can come in handy. If you just successfully acquired a house in the AU for your family to call a home, you will be looking for a custom home builder next. Instead of attempting to do it yourself, hiring house builders Melbourne companies have today will be your best bet to create a breathtaking house that you can call a home. Some companies that employ home builders Victoria has to offer can tweak certain specifications of the house to your liking, and ultimately make your dreams a reality.

Your house is the private castle of your family, so it is only natural that you would love having a home with all sorts of facilities and amenities that matches your needs and wants. Finding the perfect ambience and refreshment as you enter your new home can only be built by a house developer, and not just any real estate developer who neither knows you nor has no relation with you. If you want a home that is planned according to your dreams (and budget, of course), here are some of the reasons why hiring Melbourne builders or any home development company in the AU is the best way to go.

Home builders and designers know how to build your dream house.

Building a customized house can be very exciting, yet also exhilarating without much needed third party aid and guidance. Once you allow a professional custom home builder to work for you, all the functionality and lifestyle amenities you want can be applied to exactly where you want it to be.

A custom home builder can give increased equity to your house.

With the fact that you can eventually gain a huge return in the end, investing in the services of a custom home builder and a professional in home designs will be well worth your money. You can use the high demand for custom built homes to your advantage if ever you need to sell your home and move in the future. See more at Latitude 37

By hiring home builders and designers, you can avoid renovation expenses in the near future.

Wear and tear renovations in the future are inevitable to make things more suitable in the house. Buying a ready-made home from a previous owner might be more convenient, but renovations can be possibly called for, and those could be quite expensive. To get the most out of your money and avoid any further complications, hiring custom home builders and designers is worth it. For more details, just visit


Fitting out an office is an opportunity for you to express your brand and corporate style and project the right image to your clients that will win you both their trust and business. But that is not the only aim of office fit outs. You also want to create a conducive office environment for your staff where they can work more comfortably and be productive which is, ultimately, good for your business bottom-line. A lot of thinking goes into the process these days and that is why it is important to hire a professional office fit out company that can get it right and help you create the look, feel and comfort level that you are looking for.

A good office fit out company will help you get the best out of your employees through excellent spatial design and choice of office furniture and fixtures. Today’s corporate offices are a far cry from the traditional closed cubicle office spaces where employees toiled in isolation in small-sized and monotonous looking cubicles throughout the years. Many companies are looking for something that is more dynamic and which is designed with the staff in mind. When fitting out your offices, you have to employees first and indicate to them that they are valuable for your business and that you are willing to go to great lengths in order to ensure their health and comfort.

One of the main causes of low productivity is not lack of motivation or skills to do the job but poor employee health. If your employees are not in excellent health, they will be unable to give you their all and the frequent breaks that they have to take in order to look after their health will definitely have an impact on your business bottom line. It is important to note that employee health can be increased significantly just by the quality of office fit outs that you install in your premises. A good office fit out company will make some clever choices and adjustments of your office spaces that will lead to an overall improvement of employee heath along with productivity.

Here are some  simple tips on how you can go about your office fit outs in order to improve the employee heath and also increase your productivity and profitability:

Have a Stand-Up Work Zone

It is increasingly becoming a common fixture in most modern offices. Too much sitting is detrimental to the health of your staff. So when you are fitting out your offices, you must allocate a stand-up zone where employees can work as they are standing in order to improve their flexibility and overall health. An office fit out company can install shared stand-up work desks that employees can use in short bursts to enhance their health. These also save a lot of office space.

Have Portable Standing Desks

The use of portable desks is gaining wide popularity in most offices in the Australasia region. They are excellent for those staff member who work using laptops. These, too, can be shared in order to optimize on your office spaces.

Incorporate Ergonomic Furniture

If possible, make sure all your furniture pieces are designed with ergonomics in mind in order to cater for your employees’ health.

With a reliable and professional office fit out company, some simple changes in your fit outs could do wonders for your business and employees and help you create a happier and healthier working environment.