A rewarding career in physical fitness

Do you have a passion for physical activities? Then you can follow your passion and at the same time earn a living from it, by enrolling in fitness courses. The objective of the fitness courses is to enable trainees to focus on various areas covered by the university degree, college or certification programs. Conducting research on the available educational and certification programs will help you to make an informed decision on fitness courses that may be of interest.

When considering a certified institution and program, here are some questions to consider:
    Is the institution easy to contact?
    What is the position of the program offered in the fitness field?
    What is the process of renewal and re-certification?
    For how long has the institution been in the business?
    How convenient is the program?
    What is the location of the institution? Does it have a physical location or is it accessible online?


To practice a fitness profession, one must be certified in the fitness discipline. There are various schools and organisations that provide fitness learning and certification exams for distinct job specialities in the field. Hence, the qualification in the fitness field is to obtain certification from an approved institution. One important point to note, however, is that fitness certification is valid for one or two years after which you should be re-certified.  Re-certification is attained through attending continuing education programs. In most cases, professionals in fitness must maintain a (CPR) cardiopulmonary resuscitation certification and must be certified in first aid.

Qualities to acquire in a fitness career

A person interested in fitness profession should possess these qualities:

–    Must be outgoing

–    Should be sensitive of mental and physical potentials and weaknesses of others.

–    Should possess leadership skills.

–    Must have excellent physical and health fitness because of the nature of the work.

Role of fitness professionals
The role of a personal trainer is to help clients on a one-on-one contact either at the client’s home or the gym. These professionals assess an individual’s level of fitness, lifestyle as well as wellness goals and design a plan that suits each client. There are various physical exercises that are guided by a trainer such as resistance training for muscle building that includes weight training. Aerobic activities focus on circulatory, heart and lung systems. Moreover, a professional trainer is capable of creating specialized fitness exercises for people recovering from injuries, elderly and physically handicapped. Overall, the role of fitness experts is to organize, direct and plan fitness exercises.
Job opportunities
Job opportunities for professional trainers emerge from:
    Rehabilitation centres
    On-board cruise ships
    Community centres
    Health clubs
    Fitness centres
    Retirement centres
    Large corporate workplaces
The changes in corporate management in the twenty-first century has seen the employers realize the fact that healthy workers produce more and are happy with their job. As a matter of fact, they take few sick days implying that the company does not lose on productivity hours. As a result, large companies invest in hiring professional trainers to organize and implement athletic programs for their staff.

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